Find a solution for a problem… This was the assignment for the James Dyson Award.


The problem: Emptying of a city trash can. The use of a garbage bag in the trash can was also a problem, A full garbage bag was too heavy to lift out of the trash can. This way the maintenance worker waited until the garbage bag was half full, meaning that they used the double of garbage bags they needed. I fixed this by developing a trash can where they can suck the garbage out. The garbage is sucked out by a vacuumtool that is connected to the tank on the workers vehicle. With the TrasHero you don’t have the problem anymore of checking every trash can to see if he is filled enough to empty, now a maintenance worker can empty all the trash can in the same period. This without doing any heavy lifting or breaking garbage bags.

TrasHero The New Generation of Trash cans

Blog of project (in dutch)

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