PHILIPS Bamboo Flat TV


Due to the growing interest of ecological products and the importance of the impact on the environment, Philips came up with the project to design a Flat-TV that has a lower impact on the environment. They also asked to make it look better for the environment, this way they buyer of the product would that his Philips Flat-TV is better for the environment than the rest.


The project ended with a Flat-TV made out of Bamboo veneer and aluminium. Bamboo for its low impact and easy grow and aluminium for it’s easy recycle an durability. The idea is that you can rapidly change the bamboo veneer , in case of damage or for esthetic purpose. The veneer was also good in combination with the Philips Ambilight. The alumium case takes care of the strength.

Besides the use of low impact materials there was also found a way to give the flat-tv a longer life. You can replace the electronics and power supply very easily. By doing this the user can update his hardware without the need to buy a new flat-tv. In case of damage the power/electronics cassetes can be pluged out and send for repare, again you just have to replace/send the cassetes and not the flat-tv, what makes a great difference in transport.

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